National Day of Remembrance for Unborn Children, September 14, 2019

About the Memorial Wall for the Unborn in Boulder, Colorado

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The Memorial Wall for the Unborn at Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery in Boulder, Colorado, was erected to honor and remember unborn babies; those lost to abortion, miscarriage, or stillborn.

The Wall's beginnings date back to 1996 when the Boulder Abortion Clinic contracted with a local mortuary to cremate and dispose of remains from abortions.

According to Colorado state law, "infectious waste consisting of recognizable human anatomical remains shall not be disposed of by burial at a landfill disposal facility, but shall be disposed of by incineration or internment" thereby requiring the abortion clinic to hire a crematorium for the disposal.

Fetal Remains "Not Just Tissue"

The director of the mortuary found that the fetus remains being delivered were not just "tissue" and working with the remains of abortions was "very disturbing."

The director contacted the pastor of Sacred Heart of Mary, Father Andrew Kemberling, who agreed to perform a prayer service for the babies' remains and then to bury the ashes of the babies in the church cemetery.

After two years of working with the mortuary, the director moved to another facility and the agreement and services ended. At that time, all of the ashes were buried beneath the statue of the Risen Christ located in front of the Memorial Wall for the Unborn.

In February 2000, a subcommittee was formed under the Respect Life Committee at the church and construction of the Wall took place during the spring and summer with the support of Father Dorino De Lazzer, the new pastor of Sacred Heart of Mary Church.

The land on which the Wall is built was donated by Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery. The Wall, as well as the surrounding landscaping was funded primarily by private donations. Father Dorino dedicated the Wall on June 25, 2000, the Feast of Corpus Christi.

In November 2001, the Church began receiving the ashes again from a different mortuary in Boulder. Burials occurred following a regular Sunday Mass as announced in the church bulletin for those who wanted to attend. Burials occurred every 6-9 months through January 23, 2005.

The ashes were buried in sites that surround the Memorial Wall and the Risen Christ statue. Approximately 5,500 unborn aborted babies have been buried in this area. Individual burials are continuing at the Memorial Wall. Mass burials are available upon request.

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