National Day of Remembrance for Unborn Children, September 14, 2019

About the Gravesite of Aborted Babies in Lansing, Michigan

Lansing gravesite

In February of 2010, pro-life activist Chris Veneklase discovered the remains of 17 aborted babies in a general business dumpster that had been discarded by Womens Choice abortion clinic in Delta Township.

The remains of the babies were in clear zip locks with a date and the name of the mother clearly printed on each zip lock which contained formaldehyde or some other preserving agent. All the dates of the abortions were from the previous month, January, and we have no idea why they were preserved for a period of time and then discarded.

Over 1,000 Attend Burial of Unborn Children

Funeral Mass at St. Mary Cathedral

Eventually the remains of these children were brought to St. Mary’s Cathedral Church in Lansing for a funeral Mass on November 20, 2010. The funeral Mass was overflowing and attendance was estimated to be more than 1,000.

The funeral procession after the Mass to St. Joseph’s Cemetery some estimated to be a mile long. Traffic was stopped for such a period of time that people came out of their homes thinking it was the funeral procession of a well known dignitary.

Hand of one of the babies buried in Lansing.

The hand of one of the babies recovered from Women's Choice abortion facility. [Photo by Monica Miller]

Unfortunately, the funeral Mass and burial were the only signs of respect shown to these tiny individuals in their ever so brief lives.

Bishop Earl Boyea was the main celebrant of the Mass and burial services, but many other priests and the head of the local Melkite Church also attended and concelebrated. It was a very beautiful and moving ceremony.

A headstone for the babies is being prepared and will be placed in the summer of 2013. See a picture of the headstone here.

See below for video of the service, including Bishop Boyea's moving homily at the gravesite.

Second Gravesite Recently Located

Second gravesite in Lansing

In the summer of 2013, another gravesite was found at St. Joseph Cemetery.

It seems that forty-seven babies found in the dumpster of the Woman Care Clinic in Lansing in 1989 were laid to rest at the Rachel Memorial on January 21, 1990.

The inscription on the headstone reads: Forty seven children who died by abortion. This site memorializes the deaths of all children, born and unborn, but especially the millions who have died in our country through abortion. Interred January 21, 1990.

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